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[release] vb 2.0b1 : View templates inline

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    i worked with a forum system a while back that kept all its language in one file, which made it very easy to translate and "rephrase" the board. editing one language file would be much easier than the mouse click marathon i recently undertook in the admin control panel when editing the error/redirect messages for my board.

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      This looks like a pretty handy little hack. I might have to try it out.

      Would it be possible to get the all the instructions of this hack put into 1 post or txt file so that I am sure I have all the information together at the same time when I try to install this?

      I would really like to try this one out. It looks very handy.
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        Please post the modified full instructions for this hack. I would really like to be able to try it out.

        Also, I am running version 2.0 right now rather then 2.0.1. Do you see any problems with that?
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          I started looking at the code to try and update this hack but none of the code looks familiar at all, maybe they changed the way things work or my memory really fails me...I'll look into it some more though...maybe install the other template hack which was quite good I think, it may jog my memory..


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            I tried the second hack on this topic, It didn't work at all, I am using 2.0.1, it showed some templates and some it just showed a box with edit template in the left hand corner. I copied in pasted it from the hack right into place in the template.php file under the admin directory. I tried to edit templates from CP after I installed it. I took it back out until someone maybe can answer what is going on?

            Any ideas?

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              I updated the instructions and got this to work well on my system. Try it out now. Please report back any problems. One note, the reason it is displaying two previews is that the first preview shows you variables like so $variable which will give you an idea of placement, and the second time it evaluates the $variables and outputs the result. Sometimes both outputs will look identical but this makes the whole template editing process much easier, at least imo.

              Moderator, can you change the subject line to reflect that this now works for 2.01 (assuming no one complains of problems)? Thanks.


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                Does this mean that it won't work with version 2.0.0?

                Argh, not ready to upgrade to that yet. From what I understand I will have to reinstall all of my hacks then.


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                  I never got access to v 2.0 so I don't know for sure, but It probably will work fine. What I'd do is check if the code looks different on those lines where it says "look for" and if it does, you'll be fine, if not, post the difference here and I'll see if I can help w/ some modified code...


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                    still got a problem. I made changes and template area in vb control panel looks the same as it always did except now I don't have a save button.

                    Add new template
                    Template name

                    Template set
                    bbman Default


                    [view default template]
                    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
                    <head><title>AIM Message</title>
                    <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" link="#ffff

                    Let Me know when you have a fix.
                    if you want I could email you my template.php file
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                      I've looked at it and did a compare to my file and it was identical other than whitespace!! I'm baffled.... I know this is a stupid question and all, but you did upload it as ascii? Also, what platform are you running? Maybe it's that?


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                        yes and redhat linux verson 7.1
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                          Very strange...yup I'm on linux too. No idea what it could be..


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                            post your template file and I will download and take a look.

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                              Originally posted by webhost
                              post your template file and I will download and take a look.

                              It's identical to mine. BTW, we're not really supposed to be uploading any code. I'm surprised the moderators didn't remove it.


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                                And don't do it again


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