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How do I move my entire forum to a new server?

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  • How do I move my entire forum to a new server?


    I've read where it explains what to do when moving to a new server.

    If I understand correctly, the process explained in this manual only describes the move of the actual database and not the forum-software itself?

    What exactly is the best way to move the database AND the actual software-files to a new server? Do I copy all the files and maps from my old server to my new server or do I have to upload them again from the purchased .zip file to the new server?

    Thanx for explaining,
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    In Step Two - Transfer to new server in the manual Telnet is used to transfer the database. I am a newbie on Telnet and want to know if I could also use a FTP client to transfer the .sql database instead of doing it through telnet?

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      When I have to move a lot of data - as in moving a site from one server to another - I tarball the appropriate directories and do a server-to-server transfer. One the other end I un-tar the directory, change file ownership - group as necessary (use -R and all the files in the directory will be changed with the one command) and that's it. I tar the htdocs (user_html or however the server is set up) and cgi-bin directories.

      Database Transfer:

      I use telnet (ssh, actually) to dump the database (in this example named "forum"):

      mysqldump --opt -c -p -q -v forum > forum_bup-040106am.sql

      Then gzip the file: gzip -v forum_bup-040106am.sql

      Then I ftp (for server to server transfers) or sftp (I usually use this if I want a copy here at home) to the server and transfer the file to the other server. Then I:

      gunzip -v forum_bup-040103am.sql

      and then:

      mysql -p forum < forum_bup-040103am.sql

      NOTE: I don't know if others have this problem or not but I never could get a reliable transfer of a .sql file - which is why I gzip it first. There was always an EOF error when I would try to ftp the raw .sql file.
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        Hi Marc,

        Thanx for your informative reply!

        ( When I gzip my backup, I used to use pipe-ing, as explained in :

        mysqldump ---user admin --password=password mydatabase |
        gzip > /usr/local/mydatabase.gz

        ... because I had not enough room on my server to gzip the file after it was dumped. )

        Our move to a new hostingprovider went well. I transferred all files (just FTP-ed it all down to my local PC and then FTP-ed it up to the new host) from my old host to the new one and backupped and imported the database without any problems.

        Concerning your EOF-error : I never had a problem transferring a .sql file (transferring from my server to my local pc that is)

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          I'm learning something every day. I like your pipe example.

          I never did troubleshoot the EOF errors I got. It was faster to transfer the .gz file anyway so it wasn't important.


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            I just moved to a new host and all I did was ftp download the forum software (forum directory and all subdirectories) onto my pc from the old host and then upload onto the new server, edited the config.php file to reflect the new host along with username/password.
            The new host was kind enough to install our database backup since they don't allow telnet/ssh access. Everything came right up, worked great.


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              Glad to hear everything went well!


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