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  • Did you change the members login

    I purchased Vbulletin 2 months ago when it was 1.14.

    Now I try to login to the members section for download and it says I don't have access.

    Did you guys change something ??????

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    The License information has changed, check the email address that you used when you purchased vB.
    The Wiire


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      Nope, Email won't even work. the system tells me that my email is not in the database.

      I wouldn't mind so much, But I email sales and support and they haven't answered me in 2 days.

      I guess the only time you get quality service is when their taken your credit card info.


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        Contact James or one of those guys, i'm sure they can help ya out.
        The Wiire


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          Well concidering your the only person in this dam forum that can respond, I am not holding my breath.

          I should have stayed with UBB. at least they know how to answer customer requests within a day.


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            Gee, bigroad, considering that the development staff lives in the UK, you're mighty unforgiving. Not to mention the fact that you posted your question on a SATURDAY EVENING. Let's see, your post posted at 5pm EST so that makes it what? MIDNIGHT on a Saturday UK time. Give the guys a break, man. Email the sales staff and I'm sure they'll be back to you soon.


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              I am sorry you think I am being a jerk.

              But the fact is I emailed sales & support 2 days ago.

              So, while I may be a little on the hasty side on the forum, I am being very resonable in my view.

              It is a simple question.

              I paid for the product. They took payment and promised support.
              If it takes more than 2 days to answer a simple support question, then maybe they should spend more time in fixing their management.


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                Almost all companies don't work on weekends. So don't try to have them email you back with support on a weekend, it won't happen.

                And as for UBB having support, thats the biggest joke I've ever heard. They're support is basically having you wait 2 weeks before they email you back, and half the time it's not the right info you need.

                vbulletin does a great job of support, I get answers within a day on a WEEKDAY.


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                  Originally posted by bigroad
                  I should have stayed with UBB. at least they know how to answer customer requests within a day.
                  HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's got to be the funniest statement I've heard in a long time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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                    actually, he is probably right.

                    Only trouble is, they attach a $300 answering fee ontop



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                      laugh all you want everyone.

                      But I emailed Vbulletin sales about this last thursday morning, EST. I got a reply from james Mon.

                      Now I guess one could say they didn't get the messages till the weekend was over.
                      But thats a 4 day weekend.

                      Maybe you guys get answers when you wait till monday.

                      BTW, I resent them the sales info to straigten this out yesterday, and am still waiting to get it back.


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                        Bigroad, I'm not trying to be rude here, but you do realize that jelsoft is a very small business located in the UK, don't you? That means that they are at least 6 hours ahead of your time in the US. That means that if you didn't send that email EARLY in the AM on Thursday, they (or should I say, James) didn't get it till Friday at the earliest. Since VB's popularity has exploded recently, James is a very busy man. I'm sure that if he gets caught up with his sales email he'll check in on the forums and if he gets all the way to this forum before he has more email he'll apologize that it took him more than 24 business hours to get back to you. (From what you state, it looks like it took at the most 36 hours that a normal business would be open for him to respond and maybe as little as 24.)

                        That being the case, it appears that you emailed him back Monday sometime...which means that business hours were probably over in the UK by the time you got back to him...give the man 24 hours and you should have your answer tomorrow.

                        I guess all I'm trying to say is cut James a little slack, not only is this not Infopop with their fancy office building and a few hundred employees, but they just implemented this new system for the members area and have quite a few people with this problem. On top of this, they're in the UK and have the time difference to deal with, so what you think of as office hours isn't necessarily the same time for them.


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                          yep, While all of you are getting in line to support vbulletin, It has been over a week since my first email to these people wondering why I can't get into the download area. And I still can't get in.

                          It took them 12 hours to charge my credit card.

                          But it's over a week, and I still haven't got any "Customer service".


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                            10 days since first email was sent.

                            NO ANSWER YET.

                            Is this the great customer service all you were saying they give ???

                            Like I said, I should have stayed with UBB.


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                              Perhaps if you went about your inquiries in a different manner you would get better service.

                              If your email to the support staff was anything like this stuff I wouldn't doubt it was "lost."
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