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phpBB2 Import poll problem resolved

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  • phpBB2 Import poll problem resolved

    Don't know where to stick this... so I guess it will go here.

    I have been testing an upgrade of my phpBB2 board to vb3RC1 via vb2X and the phpBB importer.

    The phpBB importer screws the polls and any posts that had any list bb code in it. So I looked into it and found out why.

    To fix the poll bug:
    Open the bbimport_phpbb2.php file...
    Find this line...

    PHP Code:
    $numberoptions "0"
    And right below it, add this:
    PHP Code:
    To fix the List BBcode problem:
    open the phpbb import file...
    look for:

    PHP Code:
    $text str_replace(":$uid"""$text); 
    Right above that line, i stuck:
    PHP Code:
    $text str_replace(":u:$uid"""$text); 
    That sorted that out.

    Maybe the devs can alter the fle in the download section?

    Cheers all.
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    Doubt anyone is really giving too much of a toss about this... but I made a workaround for the lame way that the phpbb2 importer converted size tags (a tiny size tag in phpbb always ended up as massive in vb and vice a versa)...

    Anyway.... this is what I did:

    opened the phpbb2 importer file...
    looked for:
    PHP Code:
        // Some smilies 
    And smack dab above that... I put this:

    PHP Code:

    These 3 things I have done workarounds for is VERY important for anyone currently converting from phpBB2.
    I assume the next conversion tools will be much better... but these adjustments should be made availible until the new tools are out dontcha think?
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      I care about this, a lot.

      All the feedback I can get about the current importers to feed into the vB3 system the better.

      I have updated the phpBB file and once its tested I'll put it in the members area.

      Thanks for the input
      I wrote ImpEx.

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        nice work tng


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          Cheers guys.
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