Hey guys.

I was bored and looking through the code (especially the stuff marked with "Don't fiddle with this code unless you know what youre doing!") and I found your vB db class..

I noticed in it that you have the following chunk (am I allowed to post this?)

class DB_Sql_vb {

var $server = "localhost";
var $user = "root";
var $password = "";
Was this class never implimented? Classes are actually something I never really used in my programming so I couldn't completely understand the rest of the file (but I got my 3 inch thick PHP & MySQL Web Development book here looking it up).

Just wondering why this was included at the top (with a lot of other variable that should be set in config.php I think). I'm a very curious guy, its fun to go through and look at the comments you guys wrote each other (or us ). They are very informative, I might post a thread with my favs.