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Expanding to view sub-forums on home page?

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  • Expanding to view sub-forums on home page?

    When i first navigate to my main forum home page, only my three main subforums are visible. you can see what i mean here:

    then, when you click on "the vivid edge," all of the subforums become visible. i want all the subforums to be visible right off the bat on the main page. how can i do this?

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    This is beacuse you have categories as sub-categories of another category. By default, vB only allows a forum depth of 2 to be dispayed (this includes categories.) To change this:

    1. Admin CP -> Options -> vBulletin Options -> [Forums Home Page Options] -> Depth of Forums

    2. Manually create new templates to increase the forums displayed. You have to add template forumhome_forumbit_levelx_post and template forumhome_forumbit_levelx_nopost for each level past 2, replacing the '3' with the level number. For instance:


    Copy the contents of the other templates ('1' or '2') into these new templates. Then change the 'Depth of Forums' setting in the Admin CP to the '3'.
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