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  • Very Very Weird...

    I amnot sure how this is possible, but I have a user with no visible username.


    Running VB 2.3 with Vbportal and Photopost all using the Vbulletin User Database.

    When I am in my photopost galleries, I bring up the Member Gallery section and the first one list has no user name, but he posts images???

    I cannot figure out how this happened or how to delete him or even contact him. He does not utilize the VBulletin Forums so I cannot show you an example there.

    You see this here:

    (Check out the first gallery).

    This is driving me nuts. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Since you are running vBPortal and PhotoPost we cannot troubleshoot this problem because one of those hacks could very well be causing it. I recommend you ask for help on and/or , the official vB hacking site.

    You might also try running this script to make sure your user and userfield tables are in sync. If the user doesn't have a userfield record then this problem might be the result -


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      They say its a VB problem since it is a VB database. Bummer....