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php() mail and spam filters

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  • php() mail and spam filters

    I searched and didn't find a thread with this as a subject ,so here goes. If someone else beat me to this well sorry.

    I am posting this to request that someone on the development team look into the way the php()mail function is used in VB.

    My server host has installed anti spam filtering . It prevents an email address from being used as a spam generator. When generating an email. It works like this; If server host does not see that the email is coming from a valid mailbox on the server , then its spam and it isn't sent out. The vb mail generator takes the userid and puts it into the header from line, and this isn't going to be considered a valid mailbox by the spam filter.

    We need a way to include a vaild mail box into the header. It could be the same id as the admin contact in the cp.

    I don't think I am going to be the only one with this as an issue, most shared servers are doing something to try to prevent id's from being missused.
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