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HELP! Ban not working and someone apparently is hacking my forums...

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  • HELP! Ban not working and someone apparently is hacking my forums...

    There is a guest on my forums who apparently is hacking into the admin portion of the site! He's logged in many diff ways, as a GUEST!

    I've attemped to ban each ip, the ip with the first 3 parts, and the ip with the first two octets, and NOTHING is working. WHY NOT? Im using the "BAN IP" section of the "vbulletin options" menu.

    How can I keep a guest from viewing the board without registering on the site???

    Someone help explain wtf is going on. Only 2 others have the login info, and I've talked to both just now to verify they didn't give out the info....

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    Fred Bingham

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    i cant even see your image that you attached, but theres almost no way to get into the admin or mod area of the board with a valid username and password, they were mostly likly seeing the no permission screen


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      Also, fwiw, those ips resolve to

      Apparently, Im not the only one getting hit. How do I stop this?!?!?
      Fred Bingham


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        im telling you, im 99% sure theyre spiders who are gettin a no permissions screen, and if by some WEIRD and higly unlikly miricle they do get into your board there are admin logs


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          Sorry, didn't realize the image was so damned small, lol. Regardless if they are getting a no perm. screen, it's using my bandwidth. Guess Im a noob and don't like seeing **** accessing my site, when guests aren't even supposed to see anything at all, lol. We've contacted the host and are banning the inktomiblahblah from our site ip, since the forum method of banning didn't do a damned thing. Any idea on that btw? Why is it if I type in the ip to ban, and hit ok, it doesn't remove it?

          Fred Bingham


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            i WOULD NOT suggest banning the SPIDERS that make your SITE serachable on GOOGLE MSN AND YAHOO

            thats just a bad idea, if your worried about them eating up bandwith do a search for "robots.txt" and you can learn how to disallow spiders from specifc areas and things


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              We don't really care if it's searchable, which is why we don't have any meta tags in the code as well. :-)

              Thanks for your help
              Fred Bingham


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                :\ well having your sites on google is how you get more members, but if you wish to use this

                make a file on your computer called robots.txt

                add that
                User-agent: *
                Disallow: /
                save upload to your forum root


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