First I would like to say I have just purchased vbulletin after years of using ubb and it works wonderfully. Installation was a breeze and vb has all the features you have to hack ubb to get, that is when the ubb hacks work. The vb community is alive and thriving whereas ubb has slipped into low gear.

Anyway, my problem. I use PGP encrypted messages in my moderators forum for extra security when we discuss important issues. On ubb we can just copy and paste the PGP messages, but on vbulletin all of the messages are corrupted. The formatting of the pages somehow makes all the messages unreadable. We can attach the messages as txt files, but if you click on the attachment it is also unreadable. The only way the message can be read is if you right click and save as to download the text file.

Vb somehow changes the margins of the PGP messages and adds extra line breaks and such. I reviewed the template and the text box should reproduce the text exactly as pasted. Even using a vb code like quote, or code will not work.

Does anyone have an answer to the problem? I searched both here and, but I did not find a mention of my problem. I can post an example PGP text here so you can see if that’s all right.