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vB Code Buttons are not working

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  • vB Code Buttons are not working

    Ran a search, came up empty (which seems hard to beleive - was a good chuck of the DB pruned?).

    Anyway, I own a forum where the vB code buttons work just fine when posting a reply, sending a PM, etc. But I also help as an Admin for another site where the vB code buttons don't work. To clarify, the buttons do appear, they just don't work.

    When I mouse-over the buttons or try to click, an error message appears in the bottom left of my IE screen, with messages like:

    'link_text_prompt' is undefined,
    'tag_prompt' is undefined,
    'url_text' is undefined,

    The thing this novice is confused by, is I can't find, either in templates, or php files, or anywhere, the variables listed above.

    What's causing this and how can it be fixed?

    Thanks in advance,


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    have you recnelty upgraded?

    if so have you reverted your templates and uploaded the default images?


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      This was a recent new install, and it appears the templates have not been touched.


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        try clearing your recent history / cache


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          You mean for my system? If that's what you mean, that's not the problem. This issue is an across the board thing, for every user.


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            what version are you running and can you point me to your boards?


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              The board in question is running 2.3.2, and the URL is .


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                well it appears that youve hacked your site, if so you dont quaifly for support here, please go to


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                  Since when is having a non-hacked board a prerequisite to getting others with vB to offer some advice here?

                  Have things gotten uncooperative since I was using in the spring? I had all kinds of hacks on my board (, and people were very friendly and helpful.

                  Is this not the case now?


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                    its always how its worked from what i remember

                    if your board is hacked you must ask for support at :\

                    im only telling you what any moderator or other vB staff would probally tell you

                    hacks tend to change things in how the board works, thats what their for, and jelsoft can only officaly support non hacked board


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                      Hi, I just searched my own 2.3.2 files, and I found two php files that contain the terms you listed. The files are vbcode.php and vbcode_language.php. I'm just a novice, myself, but I would suggest uninstalling any hacks that affected these two files. See if that resolves your problem.
                      Still Waters


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                        Hmmm... Steve Machol was always a huge help to me in the past. With however many thousands of members there are here, I would think that the number that do not have a hack or template mod on their board has to be pretty darned small....probably as small as the number of vB mods here.

                        I don't mean to make a fuss, but it seems a bit nose-in-the-air to say 'sorry - wew can't help here'. From the looks of your profile, your a member, right? Not a moderator or admin. Just a person trying to be helpful. That's what I need. But with some ideas of where to look to try to correct this problem.


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                          Thanks Stillwater -

                          I just took a look into his vbcode_language.js file, and sure enough, the thing was empty. Uploaded a copy of mine to his site and it worked fine.

                          Now that's the kind of stuff I'm talking about!!

                          Thanks again,



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                            Glad to help. May I ask you to please look at my thread? Perhaps you can return the favor? Thanks!

                            Still Waters


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                              even steve would have refered you to

                              template mods dont count :rollseyes:


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