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    I hope there's an easy way to do this!?

    I have over 50 forums and I want to restrict moderator access to each forum. Meaning I only want moderator "A" to be able to moderate his/her forums.
    Right now...a moderator can actually do any of their moderating duties in any of the forums.
    Is there an easy toggle I can switch or do I have to set the permissions on each forum or moderator?

    VB 2.3.0

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    You can add forum specific moderators by going to Forums & Moderators > Modify > Add Moderator and then setting the permissions you want them to have. This will set the user as part of the "Moderators" usergroup.

    If you have mods which can moderator in any forum, i'm guessing they must be set as a super moderator.

    Sadly there's not an easier way to globally set a user to only be able to moderate in forum "X, Y and Z", you have to manually add them to forum X, then Y, then Z by the process mentioned above (Forums & Moderators > Modify > Add Moderator). It does, however, limit where they can moderate which it sounds like you are looking for!

    Hope this helps
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      Mods should only have Mod powers in there own forums. This is the way it's supposed to work. Note, this is not true of Supper Mods that essentially have Admin powers throughout the forums.
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        Ah...maybe you answered my question then. In my moderators group, the "Is Super Moderator?" radio button is set to yes. SO if I set the Super mod flag to no, then they should only have access to moderate their forums only??? Super mod gives them access to all, then?

        If this is true, then I knew it was something simple b/c it was originally this way and then all of a sudden after an upgrade, they all had access to all forums


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