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Cookie problem after swithcing domain URL?

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  • Gustav

    Originally posted by Gustav
    Oops, I think that affected the AOL problem as well.

    Is there some way to fix this without too much hassle client side?

    Some way so they just log in ONCE and no more? It seems ther is no really easy way to fix this to make it as littlehassle as possible for the user?

    Users are getting logged out, like this:

    I got a new password issued and can now manually log on, but your site will
    not auto-register me still with a cookie. (This started about two-three
    months ago after a year and a half with no problem.)

    And when I try to change my user profile (i.e. to change the password to one
    I will remember and to allow a private e-mail to another member) it
    automatically logs me off. I enter in my name and temporary password again,
    try to go to user profile, and it logs me off again (saying I don't have
    permission, etc.)

    >> For the last week or so I have been unable to Send a reply to an
    >> existing
    > post. I log with my name and password and get a message that says that
    > I am
    > able to post, send, etc. just like one would expect. However the
    > minute I
    > send the reply I get a message that says I am not allowed to reply
    > because I
    > have not signed on. Then, a moment later it would indicate that I am
    > approved for sending a message as indicated at the bottom left of the
    > page.
    >> Very frustrating and since I am unable to post, I cannot get through
    >> to
    > anyone on the board directly that might assist me with this problem.
    >> Do you have any ideas,or outside email addresses that I might try? I
    >> am

    When I log in at these pages at work and try to post or send a PM I get the message that I'm not logged in. It doesn't matter how many times I try, the same thing happens every time. Since I have administrator rights I am pretty sure that its not a rights issue.
    However when I am at home evterything works just fine. Its not the firewall at work either since I administer the firewall at work and have tryed to login to these webpages bypassing the firewall compleatly.

    The difference between my work and home computer is that I check for and install microsoft security uppdates daily at work. I think that one of them might have messed up my explorer since I am experiencing som other problems with it.

    My suggestion for the people experiencing this problem is to try from another computer first. And then... well... I dont think that you can reinstall explorer by itself can you? Reinstalling windows sounds a little radical.

    It's cookie related - the following should work:

    * In Internet Explorer select "Tools" from the top menu bar
    * select "Internet Options"
    * select the tab "Privacy"
    * select "Edit"
    * type in ""
    * select "Allow"

    I agree that it sounds cookierelated but the error is not consistent. Sometime it works and sometime it doesn't. My browser settings are set to accept cookies and I dont have a problem anywere else with cookies...

    I have not tryed kees solution, but should you really need to specify an exeption in the browsers security settings for this forum to work properly?

    Its not a great problem for me.. I can try specifying the exeption like kees suggested but I dont have very much time over to sit and interact in a web forum at work..

    But maybe this input can give a better understandig to what others are experiencing so that we can do something about it.

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  • Gustav
    started a topic Cookie problem after swithcing domain URL?

    Cookie problem after swithcing domain URL?

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