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Problem unbanning users

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  • Problem unbanning users

    Lately, we are receiving complaints by some banned users who seem to remain banned once their IP is removed from the banlist. There doesn't seem to be any relation between these users or their IP's (some of them are dialup, some ADSL, different ranges/providers, no proxies). Clearing of cookies and temporary internet files has no effect. The only thing that seems to help is to wait: it usually takes between 1-7 days before the user is able to come back again. I can't reproduce the error, so I'm at a loss. I have to tell that we have an extremely long banlist (over 200 IP's). Maybe this has something to do with this odd behaviour?

    We have a dual server setup, with a web server running vB 2.3.2 (Apache 1.3.26, PHP 4.1.2 with Turck MMCache 2.4.6) and a database server.

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    If it clears up on its own, then it's most likely a caching issue on their end.
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