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  • Newbie layout questions

    ok....I've looked through manuals and forums etc... (on v-bulletin) question is a real easy one, that I 'm sure has an easy answer. I'm just looking for direction.

    -I would like to know how to set up my home page so that it has some of the forum's info on it (ie: whose online, latest thread etc...) I'm designing most of the page using frontpage (I know it's lame...but it is easy) I able to incorporate the html for these aspects into it somehow???
    -How do I go about changing the v-bull logo on the forum page, to my own logo and design? I'm guessing it's within the header html...but am not quite sure.

    sorry for the lame-ness of these questions

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    This requires writing a non-vB script (i.e., hacking.) The best place to ask this question is over at
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