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  • Downgrading.

    I'm currently using vB3, and I want to use vB2.3.3 instead. Do all I have to do to install it is delete the vB3 files n upload the vB2.3.3 files?

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    you cannot jsut "downgrade" either you must do a restore of your old vb2 database or start over


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      I have managed to move all my users to vB2, but is all I have to do is delete the old files then upload?


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        how did you "move" them to vb2?


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          manual labour


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            but the passwords are hashed via vb3's system and they wouldnt ever show up correct under vb2


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              There are methods of gettin the passes you know. Changin the eMails via localhost n gettin the passes sent to you.


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                Why would you want to downgrade? vB3 RC1 will be here soon. (i think ) Besides vB3 Beta 7 is pretty stable. I run a popular ish forum on vB3 Beta 7 without any problems at all. *touch wood*


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                  the "real" password is never sent when you ask for an email to get sent to the user it just makes a new random password ;D


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                    Can I make another point.

                    Why do so many people upgrade to vb3 Beta 7 then decide to try and downgrade afterwards?

                    Is it because people don't think it through fully before upgrading on a live board?

                    Don't forget the licence agreement will allow you to use more than one installation of vbulletin as long as one copy is inacessible to the public behind a .htaccess file or on a test server offline.

                    So you can see whether you need upgrade when vb3 goes gold.

                    TheAnt06 - it isn't as simple as you think to revert back to vb2, for a start off the database schema is different and as Faranth has already stated, all of your exisiting members will have to have a new randomly generated e-mail sent to them and you may cause problems for yourself if some of your members have opted not to recieve e-mails from admins and may never get their new passwords.

                    So a piece of common sense advice if you have vb2.x.x running on a live board, run vb3 Beta 7 on a test board before taking the plunge as you may realise vb3 isn't suitable for you at this time.

                    Saves you a lot of hassle in the future.


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                      Yeah, I'm gonna stick with vB3 and maybe do some private upgrades of some code hacks my forums need.