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    Why are you trying to run install1.php to upgrade your forum? You need to run the file I told you to edit, upgrade1.php. You will need to restore your database and try again.


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      Originally posted by Sharg
      Freddie should anyone modify the upgrade script with those changes before doing the upgrade ?
      Sharg a few people have had a problem with those lines so if you want to be safe, yes but I suspect it only occurs to older versions of MySQL.


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        Freddie can I please chat wuith you on icq for a short while ?

        I am sure I am running the upgrade script but I am doing it on a db i have imported from my live forum to test it first.. ie make a copy of my forum so I can change templates...

        I amgoing to try it again in the meanwhile


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          Database error in vBulletin Installer: Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO bbcode VALUES (1,'b','<b>\\4</b>','Bold','The tag allows you to write text bold',0)
          mysql error: Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
          mysql error number: 1136
          Date: Wednesday 14th of February 2001 12:15:38 PM
          Script: /testforum/admin/install1.php?step=5
          See the last line where is says install1.php? You ran the install script.


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            And BTW everyone should either protect their admin directories with .htaccess or stop displaying the URL's to their install/upgrade scripts as others can click on your links and screw you up.


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              Thanks Freddie, it was my mistake on the install one... I just retyped the url and hit it out of history ad did install by mistake...

              Anyway yhe four lines of code you suggested I change work and get me past that error however it fails now no the next step...

              Database error in vBulletin Upgrade: Invalid SQL: ALTER TABLE user
              DROP biography,
              DROP canpost,
              CHANGE timezoneoffset timezoneoffset CHAR(4) NOT NULL,
              ADD buddylist MEDIUMTEXT NOT NULL AFTER emailnotification,
              ADD ignorelist MEDIUMTEXT NOT NULL AFTER buddylist,
              ADD avatarid SMALLINT NOT NULL,
              ADD styleid SMALLINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AFTER email,
              ADD showsignatures SMALLINT DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL,
              ADD birthday DATE DEFAULT '0000-00-00' NOT NULL,
              ADD maxposts SMALLINT DEFAULT '-1' NOT NULL,
              ADD startofweek SMALLINT DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL,
              ADD ipaddress CHAR(20) NOT NULL,
              ADD referrerid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
              ADD pmfolders MEDIUMTEXT NOT NULL,
              ADD receivepm SMALLINT DEFAULT '1' NOT NULL,
              ADD emailonpm SMALLINT NOT NULL,
              ADD pmpopup SMALLINT NOT NULL,
              ADD nosessionhash SMALLINT NOT NULL,
              DROP INDEX idxgroups,
              ADD INDEX (username)
              mysql error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
              mysql error number: 2013
              Date: Thursday 15th of February 2001 05:06:36 AM

              Now I thought, well it must be my hosts fault..

              But I have tried this 3 times and it ALWAYS fails on this part...

              Any ideas, I am pulling my hair out...

              Do Vbulletin do payed upgrades ? The only reason I am trying to make a test copy of my site is

              1) I am trying to change the templates so I can switch over with less downtime when it comes to upgrading my live forums

              2) I didnlt wat to incurr any errors in the upgrade as I am still new to backing up and restoring info and still don't feel 100% I can rsotre my data if I mess it up.. (Which seems likely as I am having huge problems right now)

              Sorry to be a pain Freddie ... I am thinking if I can just upgrade my live forums with no problems I will take the forums down for a day or two while I change the templates. I am not bothered as long as the upgrade goes WELL...

              Hope to hear from you soon



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