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Installing 2.3.3 onto same db as 3.0.0b7

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  • Installing 2.3.3 onto same db as 3.0.0b7

    Is it possible at all to run both 2.3.3 and 3.0.0b7 on the same database?

    I'm currently running 3.0.0b7 and am considering changing to 2.3.3 because I want to install the store hack which is only available for vb 2.x.x

    I have uploaded 2.3.3 as a test board but when I went to run the instal script it wanted to delete everything out of my database.

    As an idea (probably not possible though) could I somehow put a prefix on my current db tables then it doesn't delete them?

    I'm quite new to vB so sorry if this is a silly and impossible question.

    All help gratefully appreciated.

    Kerry-Anne :)

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    Yes, but this would require two licenses and two separate forums of course. You can't have2.3.3 file using the 3.0 db tables and vice versa.
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      you can install them both in the same database, though it's not advisable as it can cause some serious strain issues, but since you're only using one as a test forum, it should be okay.

      to do them both in the same database, you will have to reinstall 3.0 making sure to specify a table prefix in the /includes/config.php file. Without doing that, you cannot install them both on the same database.

      Please be sure to read the license agreement regardingt he terms of running a test copy in addition to your live copy.


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        The store hack will probably be released for vB3 soon, I'd imagine.
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          In that case I think I'm gonna just hang on a while.
          Kerry-Anne :)

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