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logged in users can't access page, but not logged in can?

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  • logged in users can't access page, but not logged in can?

    We have set load limiting options up on our forum.

    However when logged in users get this message, it will not then disappear unless they logout?

    Logged out users seem to be able to refresh and get to view the forum when the load reduces.

    It seems like not logged in users have priority to access the boards before logged in ones which doesn't seem right, or logged in users sessions are prohibiting their return?

    Finally, if a logged in user gets the user busy message, all the posts are then marked as read even though they haven't read them. Is this a bug?
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    Sorry I don't use load limiting options and in 2 years of providing vB support no one has every brought this up before. I think one of the Devs will need to respond on how the code works.
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