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  • Link color in vbCode

    I know this isn't exactly an end user forum, but I am losing my mind or something. I am simply trying to change the color of my links in vbCode. The forum does have a stylesheet, but others are changing their link color and the stylesheet isn't overriding it.

    It's incredibly early for me and I can't THINK. I've searched everywhere for the answer.

    Is this wrong?

    [ COLOR=teal ][ URL= ]Site Name[/URL][/COLOR]

    obviously, I added the spaces.

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    weird... this is working now. Went back to sleep for a few hours and came back able to think.


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      I'm pretty sure you have to put the code inside the link if you want it to change the colour of the link. I'd recommend doing the link modification in the stylesheet itself, though, at least if you're trynig to do global modifications, since the previous method doesn't work properly in all browsers as it is. this thread explains it, somewhat.

      At least, that's if I understood your question properly. I'm not even sure I did. You've sorted it now, apparently, but it's still helpful to have some sort of explanation of why things work, I know
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