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  • Missing Account!

    I have a member who's account is missing!

    She recevived the email with password and log in ID but when she log in, it says it is invalid. I then checked the Admin CP -> Find member -> however it states: No users found matching those criteria.

    I then sign up a new account for her through Admin CP, then it states -> There is already a named judo!

    Isn't this weird??? Where has her account gone to? Anyone experienced this before?
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    happens when the userfield entries aren't present.

    Can you run queries via phpMyAdmin?

    if so run the following query

    SELECT userid FROM user WHERE username = "USERNAMEHERE"

    that will give you an id then run

    INSERT INTO userfield (userid) VALUES (XXXX);

    where XXXX is the userid you got from the first query.

    There is an automated tool to fix this in vB3.
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      After that check the number of rows in the user and userfield tables. If they don't match, you can use the script posted here to fix the problem:
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