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email functions not working; host plan says to figure "CDONTS" out

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  • email functions not working; host plan says to figure "CDONTS" out

    The email function (email verification for newly registered members) isn't working at all in my new installation of - meaning that nobody can register on the site, because nobody receives email confirmation messages after registering.

    The vBulletin mailtest.php test script works fine - no error messages - but no emails are ever received at the email addresses entered in to the script form. This is apparently due to server configuration issues with my host plan offered by

    When I asked Godaddy tech support about this they said it's a "CDONTS issue" and that it's something I would have to figure out, and configure, myself. But isn't CDONTS a mail function that is configured on a server? I don't have access to the server! (From what I remember from my ASP programming classes, that's a mail function or feature in IIS, right?)

    The hosting plan was recommended by a few people on the DC Web Women mailing list, a local technical mailing list with about 4,000 members. However, I had only asked for recommendations for PHP/mySQL hosts (not specifically for vBulletin hosts - not realizing at the time that I probably should've made that clear).

    I had hoped to continue with because it's the only hosting service I've found so far that includes hosting for both ASP and PHP/mySQL. But of course I need to find a better hosting plan if I keep getting reponses like that!

    I've already received a tech support response indicating that it's a server issue, not a vBulletin issue. I haven't heard back from the tech support yet.

    Is there anything I can do about this besides changing hosting services?
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