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  • Currently Active Users and Buddy List

    HELP!!!! I want to place the currently active users on top instead of on bottom...what template would I edit for this? Also, the buddy list shows up with a black background...I want to change this to white, but don't know where...HELP, PLEASE?!?!?!?!

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    I am bumping this message up because I really need some help here...anyone?


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      Look in the templates before you ask the question.

      You will need to add and change the forumhome template. Then you might have to change forumhome_loggedinuser and forumhome_loggedinusers

      Mind you I didn't know where they were but it took 30 seconds of digging in the templates to find it, I probably could have cut that time in half by using the new template "Search." Try to find answers on your own before asking in the forums, especially at this point in time when they are flooded by requests. Now if its something that is keeping your forum from functioning thats a different story, but asthetic problems shouldn't be a top priority.
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        Jeeze...thanks for the answer, sorry i asked!