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    When wanting to post a new thread in any one of our forums, if the filter 'Show threads from' drop-down menu choice (e.g. 'last 100 days') does not display any threads at all (this can correctly be the case), then the 'New Thread' icon does not appear.

    This is a problem because at the moment we have some forums set to show 'Show threads from last 100 days' as default, however if something has been posted in these forums since 'the beginning' but not in the 'last 100 days', the 'New Thread' icon does not appear.

    The only 'work around' to this I know of is to manually change the drop-down menu 'Show threads from' choice to 'the beginning' for each forum I go into, or I need to set it to 'the beginning' in the Admin. Control Panel for all affected forums.

    Is this a bug?
    Is it rectified in a later version of vBulletin?
    Is there an alternative 'general forum setting' to always display the 'New Thread' icon? <Preferred Solution>

    We are running vBulletin v2.2.1.

    Thanks for any helpful advice offered.

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    considering your uhh 11 builds / bug fixes behind, it probally is esp if youve hacked ^^

    i have no clue what would cause this, however upgrading to a newer version maybe be a way to fix it


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      thank you

      thanks for your reply.