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  • Steve Machol
    I find it hard to believe anyone from Jelsoft would recommend a Windows server over a Unix/Linux server. Strange!

    You should ask them what their migration plan is and how long they expect the site to be inaqccessible.

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  • jeffammon
    started a topic Need some advice

    Need some advice

    About a month ago my hosting company did some "maintenance" work on our server and ever since then the performance of the site has been horrendous. There are many time out errors, many errors of page not found and extremely slow, even the admin module. I've complained to them about and they are offering to move the site to another server. They are saying that since it is php, they recommend a unix server, however I remember when I had the good folks at Vbulletin initally install my board they recommended an NT server which it is currently on. I can't seem to recall the reason we put it on an NT server intially and not a unix system.

    Also what are the things to look out for when they move it to another server? Will my site be down for a while or can I have them install it on another server and then just re-direct the ip to the new server once it has been tested?

    I'd appreciate any and all advice.