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  • Banned e-mail message

    I can't seem to find the answer using a search so thought I'd just ask.

    I've decided to ban free e-mail accounts. I would like for a user who enters one during registration to get a pop-up or something which says "free e-mail accounts are not allowed to register" or something like that. (nice feature to add to 3.0?)

    If that can't be done, how about being able to change the message a newly registered person gets which tells them their e-mail has been banned. It sounds like it was due to something they did instead of just the forum's policy to not allow free e-mail accounts. Any way to fix that?


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    The pop-up would require hacking which we do not officially support. Try asking over at

    On the second one, just edit the error_banemail template.
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      As usual, awsome support. Thanks for your quick reply.