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Renegade graphic has members upset

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  • rick barclay
    Strange, but that seem to have fixed the problem. Somehow, alot of the
    admin options also got turned off when I did that, including the membership list,
    search options and some others. When I first viewed a thread after changing to the default icon the bad icon1.gif was still being displayed, so I went back into the admin panel and toggled the default icon option to off. I also reset the admin options that had been turned off to on, and when I went back to the
    board, the renegage icon had disappeared. So, I now have everything set as it
    was when I had the icon1.gif before I posted here, and yet the forums seem to
    be working properly. God forbid I go back there to find that damned icon1.gif again. Anyway, I think your suggestion worked and for that a million thanks.
    See you again. Take care.

    Just an after note. I went to my home server and did the same thing to vBulletin 3 beta 5, and it looks real good. No problem. Thanks.
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  • Jake Bunce
    Admin CP -> Options -> vBulletin Options -> [Thread display options] -> Show default icon


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  • rick barclay
    started a topic Renegade graphic has members upset

    Renegade graphic has members upset

    Hello. Everytime a member posts a new thread or a new reply, an icon called
    icon1.gif appears in the top line of where the thread is displayed. The html code
    for this is easiliy viewed, but I cannot for the life of me track down where and how this code is being generated. I've looked at most of the php files and many of the
    templates, but I've found nothing that calls for icon1.gif to be displayed.

    My web host recently moved his servers to a new location, and I think this is how
    the problem started, because everythig was all right before that.

    I had an error-free copy of vBulletin 2.3 installed on my home computer, so I tried
    overwriting the files on my webhost's server with the good files from my home server. This did nothing to correct the problem.

    I downloaded the contaminated files from my webhost's server and installed that version on my home server. The problem is still there. I also upgraded my home
    server to vBulleting v3 beta 5 to see if that might help, but all it did was contaminate the version 3 beta 5 issue as well.

    You can view the error by going to http// and viewing
    any of the threads there.

    I would really appreciate a fix for this, as some of my members demand
    perfection and are driving me crazy about this.

    Thanks very much for any help.
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