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MS Word & Excel file attachment problem

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  • MS Word & Excel file attachment problem

    After posting a thread with an attached Word/Excel file, some users are unable to click the file and download it. Instead, those users get a new IE window with some default icon and nothing else happens - see attachment. Using the Admin control panel, I have allowed doc and xls file attachments.

    Any ideas why only certain users are able to click the file and download it, while others are not?

    We are using vBulletin Version 2.2.9.

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    Different browsers handle some file types differently. What browsers are the problem users using?

    There probably isn't much you can do to fix this problem from your end. One "fix" that seems to work most of the time is to right click on the download link and select "Save target as." This will save the file to the hard drive before the browser has a chance to make a decision about it. Then open the file from the hard drive.


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      Thanks for the response.

      Here is an update.

      Let me try to walk through some of the scenarios to help further describe the problem. There are two users that are affected by this condition where they create an MS Word or an MS Excel file and post it on the vbulletin BB. Let's call them User1 on PC1 and User2 on PC2. If User1 or User2 create the file, post the file on their respective PCs, both are unable to download it as already described.

      However, "other" users can click that same file attachment link and it download as normal. Now, if those "other" users open the downloaded file, re-save it, and then re-post it in a thread response as a new attachment then, there are NO problems for anyone downloading the file, including User1 or User2 on their respective PCs. Also, User1 and User2 *can* download any *.doc or *.xls files "other" users create on their own PCs then post on the BB.

      Finally, if User1 or User2 go to a different PC (other than PC1 or PC2) they are able to download the file they could not download from their own PCs. This, of course, indicates that is likely a PC1/PC2 specific problem. But what could it be? I tried checking for MS Office updates and even performing the "Detect and Repair" option off the Help menu, but nothing has worked.

      This is a very interesting problem.


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