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I think there's a bug with styleid's

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  • I think there's a bug with styleid's

    I have a search form on different parts of my site and I want the search to incorporate the style I specify in the URL. For some reason, only one of my styles is carried over (styleid=11). The other styleid's seem to default to the default style id.

    doesn't work:

    does work:

    The only thing that is different in the above 3 styles is that styleid=11 is a double digit number. All three styles have a custom header and footer code that is different from the default style which will show up when no style is specified.

    Please confirm.


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    Does replacements play a role in this problem?

    I have a replacement for my style id 11 but none for the other styles.

    What does a replacement used for anyways?

    UPDATE: Ok. I figured it out. I had "user selectable" switched off for the other templates.

    Thanks anyways
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