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Moving Server without Telnet

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  • Moving Server without Telnet

    Hi there,

    I've just moved domain for my webpages, and along with it comes my vBulletin forums. The problem is that I can't use Telnet (it's not provided). Nor is SSH. So, is there another way I can easily move the data for VB from my first host to my second, without using either of these? I've tried downloading the whole DB using the VB backup thing and had no problems, but when I come to upload to the server - it times out cos the file is so big (using phpMyAdmin's SQL upload tool).

    Any ideas how this can be done?

    Top notch software by the way. Well worth the £99! (and a heap better than UBB!)

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    The only other thing I can recommend is to ask your host to restore the database for you. It's the least they can do after denying you an important tool like telnet or SSDH.
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      hi m8 i use a prog called UQiQi

      first you upload the folder to your server then edit the config files to your db settings and point your browser to backup.php to backup your database then download thesql file from the server to your pc
      then upload the folder to your new host and re do the config to match your new db and point your browser to index.php and the backup will start

      i have uploaded a 6mb database backup with this soft and it gave no problems no time outs etc

      let us know how it goes

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        Thanks for the replies. I shall look into it and see how it goes.

        I'll post with results too!


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          Hi there again,

          I tried all sorts of things to get my massive backup file into the SQL database again but I ended up writing my own tool in PHP to get the job done.

          I've decided to attach it here in case someone else can make use of it. Basically the problem I had was getting a large SQL backup file inserted back into my database. I wrote this tool to step through the backup file (10,000 lines at a time) and insert the data - and it worked a treat for me.

          Included in the ZIP file i've attached is a SQL dump of the VB tables (only) and my PHP script for populating these tables from your backup file. There are instructions in the script file itself, along with some variables you need to set.

          Hope this helps someone out too.
          Jonny Thunder

          p.s. As long as you've got the same blank table structure that your own version of VB has, there's no reason it shouldn't work for any version. Just make sure you have the blank structure the way it was with your installation, cos this tool doesn't create tables - it only populates them with INSERT statements.
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            Oh, I forgot to say too.... you'll need PHP 4.3 (cos only 4.3 and later allow reading TXT to end of line, with an unlimited size).



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