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Problem when replying to posts - mail delivery

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  • Problem when replying to posts - mail delivery

    Version: 2.2.9

    For some reason occassionally when posting I get the following error:
    Warning: Could not execute mail delivery program in /home/websites/dfchicks/html/forums/admin/functions.php on line 2291

    It appears at the top of the page about 1 sec before the post goes through but I believe it sometimes causes peoples posts to hang.

    Why if I'm just replying to a post is it(I'm assuming) trying to email something...

    2287 while ($touser=$DB_site->fetch_array($useremails)) {
    2288 $touser['username']=unhtmlspecialchars($touser['username']);
    2289 eval("\$emailmsg = \"".gettemplate("email_notify",1,0)."\";");
    2290 eval("\$emailsubject = \"".gettemplate("emailsubject_notify",1,0)."\";");
    2291 mail($touser[email],$emailsubject,$emailmsg,"From: \"$bbtitle Mailer\" <$webmasteremail>");
    $bbuserinfo['username'] = $temp;

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    As it says, there's a problem with your mail server. You should contact your host about this.
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