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    i wanted to go back to vb2.3.2 from beta 5 and wait till it went RC, so i converted the vb3 forums to invision using their converter and tried to use the vb2 import from invision, but im getting an access error.
    Database error in vBulletin Control Panel 2.3.2:
    Invalid SQL: SELECT g_id AS importusergroupid,g_view_board AS canview,g_mem_info AS canviewmembers,
                                     g_other_topics AS canviewothers,g_use_search AS cansearch,g_email_friend AS canemail,
                                     g_edit_profile AS canmodifyprofile,g_post_new_topics AS canpostnew,
                                     g_reply_own_topics AS canreplyown,g_reply_other_topics AS canreplyothers,
                                     g_edit_posts AS caneditpost,g_delete_own_posts AS candeleteownpost,
                                     g_open_close_posts AS canopenclose,g_delete_own_topics AS candeletethread,
                                     g_post_polls AS canpostpoll,g_vote_polls AS canvote,g_use_pm AS canusepm,
                                     g_is_supmod AS ismoderator,g_access_cp AS cancontrolpanel,g_title AS title,
                                     g_max_mass_pm AS maxbuddypm
                                     FROM elitegnt_forum.invisiongroups
                                     ORDER BY importusergroupid
                                     LIMIT 0,4
    mysql error: select command denied to user: '[email protected]' for table 'invisiongroups'
    mysql error number: 1142
    Date: Tuesday 26th of August 2003 06:53:54 PM
    Script: [url][/url]
    Referer: [url][/url]
    the same username and password are used on both of the databases.

    think ive done it pretty much by the book, but i may have overlooked something, anyhelp is greatly appreciated thnks


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    Your host does not allow your db user access to the SELECT command. You'll need to ask them to change this.
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      ok i got it all imported, but the posts do not seem to have come across...all the forums, users and stats have, just not the posts. is this a known issue or have i overlooked something again?


      EDIT: D'oh! i updated the counters and all is well
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