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Need to delete a few forums

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  • Need to delete a few forums

    I guess there's a limit to the number of forums that a board can have. So to test the limit, I have created about 850 forums/subforums. I think I've reached the limit, as i now have a problem.

    I can access the AdminCP fine, I can do everything apart from "Forums and Moderators > Modify" or "Forum and Moderators > Permissions". I'm therefore unable to delete any forums via the AdminCP.

    My question is this: can I simply delete a few forums using PHPMyAdmin? Do I need to manually delete every subforum too? Is there anything I need to reset (counters) after I've deleted a few forums this way?


    Sorted. The only way to do this is via PHPMyAdmin. Don't recommend this action to anyone. Away to stand in the corner now
    Last edited by MacMorag; Tue 19 Aug '03, 2:22am.

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