What I basically want to is be able to specify different online.gif / offline.gifs for different parts of the board.
Have one set of images for when viewing a thread
Have another set of images for when viweing an announcement, PM etc

Currently all refer to the:

postbit_online template
<img src="{imagesfolder}/online.gif" border="0" alt="$post[username] is online now" align="absmiddle">

postbit_offline template
<img src="{imagesfolder}/offline.gif" border="0" alt="$post[username] is offline" align="absmiddle">
These images work really well when viewing a thread, but are terrible when viewing an announcment.

So what I need to know is, what do I need to change / add to enable the ability for other sections to look at say "alt_postbit_online and alt_postbit_offline" templates for their images ?