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Directory permissions?

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  • Directory permissions?

    What should the permissions be for the directories and files you upload to your server? I checked the installation manual and there is no mention of this.

    When I try to run the install.php script, it asks me to "Save this file to disk" or "Open using another application".

    All directories are 755 (rwxr-xr-x)

    All files in those directories are 644 (-rw-r--r--)



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    You dont need to set any permissions... Thats the beauty of vbulletin. The only time you may have to setup permissions is if your host is running in safe mode the directory would be a temporary directory for uploads.


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      Alright, so then why does it ask me if I want to save the file when I enter the site url/forum/upload/admin/install.php.

      Something's not right and it has to be with the file permissions.

      I can actually SAVE install.php onto my hard drive when I attempt to run it.

      This is exactly what I get:

      Downloading install.php

      You have chosen to download a file of type: application/x-httpd-php from http://urlname/forum/upload/admin/

      What should Netscape do with this file?

      - Open using an application
      - Save this file to disk



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        Looks to me like the host that you have opted for does not privide php. This is required for vBulletin.


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          This is the reply I received regarding PHP on the server, which I specifically changed to get PHP/MySql support.

          "The version of MySql is version: 3.23.40 and the PHP version is PHP 4.3.0. You do not need us to edit your MySQL tables it can be done via telnet or a program called "MySQL command center" this can be found on"

          So, it offers php.



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            Are you sure? This is the only explanation. Was php/mySQL installed correctly???


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              check the extensions you are running php or php3. I do not know whether that could be your problem just a guess.


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                hes calling php according to the above post if he installed php3 extentions it wouldnt even download at the location he is specifying.

                The only explantion is that php is not installed properly resulting in output of plain text...


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                  Fixed. It was something they had to do/set on their end. After I sent in a ticket for assistance and told them of the problem I was having, it was sorted out.

                  Installed no problem after that.

                  Thanks for your help/suggestions.



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