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Creating a test forum, out of an existing forum

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  • Creating a test forum, out of an existing forum

    Ok, I have installed vBulletin 2.3 on a new site. I installed it as a test forum, initially, to do some testing. But, I didn't use the forum name "testvb." Instead, I used "forums."

    Now that testing is complete, I'd like to move the "forums" installation to a to "testvb", temporarily, while I reinstall fresh, in the new "forums" folder.

    Can I do this simply by selecting a new MySQL database (for the real forum) and simply renaming the "forums" folder to "testvb" and make the single change in the Admin Panel for the location of the forum?

    I have tried this and it seems to work but I still need to ask the question, in case I overlooked something.

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    yea just call the folder testvb and do a new mysql for the nw board.......

    but you have to cahnge some of the options on the test board for the links and stuff to work though it'l think its still forums not testvb.....


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      That is why I asked the question.

      What are the other references that have to be changed, other than the forum location, in the General Settings, in the Admin Control panel?

      I'd hate to forget something and fudge up the new system (because I forgot to change a reference), if I go to the old testvb system.

      Is there a list of such changes? I didn't do anything but the basic install. I mean I haven't added any hacks or made any changes that reference the "forums" folder directly.


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        as far as i'm aware the only ones you need to change are int he vbul general options a couple of them witht he path for the site and board in them....


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