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HELP! limit exceeded for uid 10692???

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  • HELP! limit exceeded for uid 10692???

    What the heck is this?!?! Hmm, I can't unbold...

    anyway the forum is located at [link removed in edit, no longer valid]
    I'm running 2.3.0, and haven't touched a thing!

    Internal Server Error

    The sbox program encountered an error while processing this request. Please note the time of the error, anything you might have been doing at the time to trigger the problem, and forward the information to this site's Webmaster ([no address given]).
    Process limit exceeded for uid 10692
    sbox version 1.05
    $Id: sbox.c,v 1.3 2003/04/22 22:56:15 mprovost Exp $
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    John Bilicki III
    Webmaster of JAB Creations

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    Stat failed. /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/ No such file or directory
    There would appear to be no file or directory with this name.

    Also sbox is not a vB program. Did you added this to one of the files or templates?
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      whatever it was, it's gone and the forum is working again. Thanks...
      John Bilicki III
      Webmaster of JAB Creations


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        Just tried the site and its not working for me - contact your host on this one the SBOX is some kind of CGI script
        David :)