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vBul and Framesets?

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  • vBul and Framesets?

    I want to make it so that when you click on a link sent from my forum it
    takes you to the page in a frameset. Is this possible, this is my site, and my forum is
    and don't laugh! I just reinstalled it after loosing everything in the Feature
    Price disaser, hundreds of users and thousands of posts gone... :'( I have
    only just reinstalled it, and am in the process of redesigning the whole site.
    Thanks Guys
    LANX - Ballarat Gaming Community

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    You could make a class maybe to load <a> tags with target="framesetname"

    Never used it, I hate frames


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      Create an html page in your forum directory called frame.html and link to it instead of index.php.

      <frame src="" name="forums" MARGINWIDTH=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0 NORESIZE>
      The code will differ depending on how many frames you want and what their positions are.


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        there are just 2, top and main, will this work for links
        that are generated by vBul? I'm changing my site and
        the nav frame (top) will have all the links etc and main
        will have all the other stuff So if it sends people a
        link, when they click on the link they are taken to the
        forum page and it's in the frameset ?

        EDIT: I have already done what you said, that was by
        dodge way of getting arond it:
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        LANX - Ballarat Gaming Community


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          You need to set the targets for the links in the top frame to point to the main frame. Example of targetted link:

          <a href="url" target="frame name">text</a>


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            hahaha, yes mate I'm doing that
            What I mean is when the forum sends out a link like:
            It opens up the page inside the frame set, not open
            it in as normal, as you can see I have removed the
            header etc from the forum, and replaced it with the
            top frame, seen here:
            I hope that clears up my dilema
            LANX - Ballarat Gaming Community


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              Links inside your forum aren't targetted so they should open in the same frame. It looks like this is working correctly on your forums.


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