Two nights ago I upgraded my server to Apache 1.3.27. I wanted to make that statement first. I am unsure if that is related to the problems we are currently having.

1. Emails that are being sent to users regarding new PMs, when they click on the link it says the page cannot be found. I checked the general settings my url base is fine. If they manually go to their messages page sometimes there are no new PMs.

2. Once users login (especially aol) they cannot stay logged in even if they have remember username/password and browse with cookies set.

My Stats

cPanel Build6.4.2-STABLE #75Operating systemLinuxApache version1.3.27 (Unix)PERL version5.006001
PHP version4.3.2MySQL version4.0.13

php info can be found here


Any advice as to what to look at would be very helpful.