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no, as it does work!

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  • no, as it does work!

    Hey! I've checked and I've searched long and hard for this, but i cannot find it!

    How DO i, very simply, put a login bit, into my php based webpage? as you can see, shows where i WANT to put it, now, how do i get that little bit of code to work?


    Please dont send me to another post, just answer it in here!

    thanks for ya time

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    Apparently you didn't search well enough at, Click here.


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      There's not one answer. This would require a lot of work, it's not a simple question that can be answered like that.

      Most of the people here, don't have a clue how to do this, the rest either doesn't have time, or if they do, they won't release the hack here. They would release the hack over at

      This isn't an easy hack, so you'll have to be somewhat flexible.

      Contact someone over at and see if you can arange for them to work on this hack for you.

      Edit: There you go...


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        lol, u posted such a long post buh didn't see mine, hehe


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          Originally posted by AViO 07
          lol, u posted such a long post buh didn't see mine, hehe
          Well, i started posting before you i didn't see it until after i posted.


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            check the last post in that thread at