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  • Jake Bunce
    We accomplished that by closing and reopenning the main content table for each post.

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  • DB8 Link
    started a topic No question, just kudos!

    No question, just kudos!

    I just noticed something. Some people posted a few rather large pictures in my forum (desktop size). Ordinarily, due to the nature of the tables used in the threads, when one of these pictures would stretch one post, all the rest would also stretch making it necessary for you to scroll horizontally to read a post (which was always very annoying). Not with vBulletin though. Somehow (I wonder how...) you've managed to limit the stretched cells to only the ones containing the large images while the rest maintain their proper size.

    Excellent attention to detail, and thanks for the great little bit of coding. I like vBulletin more every day.


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