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Adding a page for donations

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  • Adding a page for donations

    I wanted to add a page for donations to my forum and put a "contribute" link in the header.

    I planned on putting directions and the pay pal button on this page.

    How would I do this.

    I already have the pay pal button in the header but I'd rather replace it with a link.

    Thanks again

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    Make a seperate webpage with the donation details, then link to it from the header


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      I would like to do this too, and I saw that Steve Machol did one with a php that the same thing?

      I have one all coded in a HTML, but I am unsure of how to link to it from the header......could you please explain a little more?



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        i dont know if this helps, as im a newbie to VB, but.. I'll give it a go.

        Go to AdminCP.
        click Templates
        Expand List
        click 'Change Origional' next to the 'Header' link.
        Scroll down and find ...

        '<a href="register.php?s=$session[sessionhash]&action=signup"><img src="{imagesfolder}/top_register.gif" alt="Regester..." border="0"></a>'
        Copy this and change the links so you'll end up with something like...

        <a href="DONATE.HTML"><img src="{imagesfolder}/donate.gif" alt="[b]Please donate to our forums.[b]" border="0"></a>
        (The bits in bold are the bits you will need/wish to change.)
        After your happy with it, paste it in the 'header' template next to the link you wish.

        Hope that helps.
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          I'm not sure that's what I need. I am trying to make a donation.php but I am uncertain how to tie it altogether.

          I have made a template named "donation" and did the code for the php and uploaded it, but this isn't showing on my navigation bar or if I bring up the page it's blank.

          Somebody, anyone? Tell me how to get this right?

          Here is a link to my main page:

          I have searched this forum and others and whenI did find some info the links weren't any good.

          Here is the code I used for the php portion and the template info.

          Thanks for any assistance
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