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    I run I have VB installed and paid Pixel Juction to help wtih the design. They did it, but since I paid went offline, they keep saying they will make changes I request and never do, so I am turning to you guys for help.

    The WHO's ONLINE feature doesn't work. It says the most users ever online is the current number that is signed up. It needs to be fixed and I've asked for help on this site, but it seems since it's a custom theme support will give me no support.

    So, if anyone can help, I'll help you out with a little something for your work.

    Site is

    Hope this doesn't get closed, I am simply in need of help and this is chit chat.
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    Jason Miller

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    <Moving to troubleshooting forum>

    You need to verify that you have a template called maxloggedin, since if you don't your user count will always be the current number of users online:


    SELECT COUNT(*) AS count FROM template WHERE title = 'maxloggedin' AND templatesetid = -2
    If that returns 0 than run this:

    INSERT INTO template (title, templatesetid) VALUES ('maxloggedin', -2)
    If you do get back 1 from the first query then reupload the original index.php.
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      Thank you very much! You saved me a lot of time .. I was bangin my head aganist the wall and nobody could seem to help before!

      Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
      Jason Miller


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