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    OK, Now I'm having a very hard time figure out whether my IE explorer is having problems, or if I have a Forum issue.


    When I visit my forum, the broswer does not completely upload the forum, the background is loaded, the status on my browser shows its loaded near 100%, but it never actually loads the forum, as if it just freezes its load process.

    I tested out other forums to see if again maybe my IE browser had crashed or if I need to reinstall it. Well I have no problems access other V boards, and obiviously I'm able to access with no problem.

    whats the issue here? could it possible be a problem within my forum? or just an IE issue and I need to reinstall the program. I wanted to see if I can reinstall IE but since its apart of windows XP, I cant seem to figure out how to uninstall.

    my forum link is

    any suggests?

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    Loads fine for me.
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      Loads swell for me too.

      I would first try localized problem solving since others can view the board. Try a different browser, Mozilla or Netscape.

      I thought it might of been a MySQL problem, but that is not the case since you can load the background. And the background is stored in a table. I would contact your ISP. Maybe your connection is timing out after a period of loading.
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        It takes 1 second for my IE to refresh the page after scrolling, and I have a 1400 MHz computer. I think the page probably has serious HTML/CSS problems of some kind.


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          yes, i did test the forum on a different browser, and had no problems. One mentioned that it might be a MSQL issue, but since the background loads then it happen not to be because the image is in a cell. I would think that the background image is not in a cell, or Table, what is not loading is the cells/tables of the forum, but the background image which is a orange gradient is what only loads...again, you seem to know more then I..but I wanted to point that out incase there was a confusion of what exactly I was describing as a background.

          I tried to uninstall IE but having no luck.. I would really hate to reinstall windows.

          Although, ironically, the guy who designed the forum for me also had the same issue...

          question is, what versions of IE is everyone using to view the board? could it possible be the New IE 6 being the issue? dont know just running some ideas..

          but very glad to hear everyone can load it..


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            All backgroud/table/cell/font information is stored in your MySQL database. Since your background loads, the possibility of a MySQL problem is ruled out. Ignore what I said about MySQL and background as I can see that the problem is local.

            I run IE 6 and load the site fine. I think your timing out due lack of bandwidth. If your request reaches a certain time limit, your host might stop sending packets therefor making the page not load. What speeds are you hitting your web machine at?
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              I'm running a DSL line..its not like I have modem. Again, this became a problem on friday. THe site and forum have been up since last sunday. throughout that time, not a problem whatsoever.


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                just a note, the problem has been solved. IT turned out not to be a localized problem, but in fact an error in the HTML. From what I was told a few characters where missing in the HTML notes, and because of that it was haulting the actual load of the forum.


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                  what was teh fix as I am having that exact same problem over on my forums.



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                    I hate to say it was a tiny error by me where you have commentes in the HTML in templates... I had this instead of he obvious. So i was basically missing one dash

                    HTML Code:
                    <!-- comment here ->
                    And it should be:

                    HTML Code:
                    <!-- comment here -->
                    Amazing how the smallest of things can cause such big problems

                    - miSt
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                      which templates?


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                        Footer it was Hence why it happened on all pages...
                        Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer