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  • install problem

    After changing the config.php, uploading all files and completing the first step. I get the following error:

    (This one at the top of the page)
    Warning: ini_get() has been disabled for security reasons in install.php on line 26

    (and then these)

    Warning: Unable to access ./db_.php in install.php on line 334

    Warning: Failed opening './db_.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/data/apache/php/mmp_lib') in install.php on line 334

    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: db_sql_vb in install.php on line 336

    pls help

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    first can you check that

    PHP Code:
    $dbservertype "mysql"
    is in your config.php that will sort a couple of the errors.

    The warning for ini_get just ignore that.
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      Yup, that code is in the config.php file.


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        Are you on a Lycos server by any chance? They purposely disable certain functions, including ini_get. The only fix I know of is to move to a more suitable host.
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          Thx, thats the problem, while waiting for my .nl domain I can`t use any PHP on the host server, so I thought let do some tests on a Lycos server. Well thx anyway I`ll just have to wait then.