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Banned IP Confusion?

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  • Banned IP Confusion?

    One of the members of my board has a ban problem every 6 months or so...What I mean is that for no reason whenever he tries to read the board he gets the message saying that his IP has been banned by the admin, which is not true. I have indeed banned two other IPs that have the same four initial digits and are of people with the same cable company...but not this specific user's IP...also he has this problem once every six months or so...what he did last time he had the problem was to change the security adjustments of his browser, following the instructions of his cable company tech...which he has done again this time, but it does not do the trick this time around...
    I am still thinking that the problem is with the cable company who is giving him the I correct? or maybe it's my hosting company the problem? he can still see the rest of the's just the board the problem..Any suggestion?
    I did not make any change whatsover to the board settings..I cannot really understand why the problem appears...or disappears....I am running 2.2.9 but I had this problem with previous versions of vB too...
    Thank you for any help..

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    Most cable companies provide dynamic IPs - not static IPs. Therefore in all likelihood his IP address is changing on a regular basis and it might be one that you are blocking.
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