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Vbulletin board (SOme Serious Problem)!

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  • Vbulletin board (SOme Serious Problem)!

    The Vbulletin board has some problems in my domain When I log into the board it recgnizes me. However, whenever I want to post a reply or a topic it takes me to the you are not registered or logged on page (i.e it takes me into an infinite loop of logging in again). How do I make the board recognise me as logged in. COuld some onehelp me please from teh Vbulletin Admin team I have various memebers complaining about this?

    Is this a session or a cookie problem? Is there an option in the admin interface that I can use to overiding this problem ( looping to the login page whenever I want to post)?

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    You need to upgrade to the latest version. Version 2.0.3 is unsecure and no longer supported.

    Your specific issue appears to be that you removed the sessionhash from your URL's which means vBulletin cannot track you properly. Other than that, it can be caused by incompatibilities with newer versions of PHP which are only supported by vBulletin 2.2.6 and higher or the way your server is setup. Please upgrade to the newest version and it should clear up the problem though.
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      Thanks Wayne.

      What is the latest version of vbulletin that I can upgrade to?
      How do I do that?


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