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... set it to auto-email everyone who's contributed to a thread when a reply is made?

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  • ... set it to auto-email everyone who's contributed to a thread when a reply is made?

    We run our board for our students, and we are hitting the summer break and would like them to receive emails when people reply to their posts, so that they don't have to live on-line all summer.

    Where do I set it so that it defaults to this auto-reply?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kinda like the thread subscription thingy...

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    Do you have access to manually run a MySQL query? (such as with an SSH shell account or by running phpMyAdmin)

    If so, run this query:

    UPDATE user SET emailnotification=1

    (If you're running it through an SSH account you will have to put a ; at the end)

    Then if you'd like to remove their ability to change this option back to off, go to Templates -> Modify, and then expand your template set. Scroll down to User Option Templates and expand that. Click on change original (or edit) next to "modifyoptions"

    Find and remove this section of code (be sure to ONLY remove this code)

    	<td bgcolor="{secondaltcolor}"><normalfont><b>Use 'Email Notification' by default?</b></normalfont><br>
    	<smallfont>Using this option emails you whenever someone replies to a thread that you have participated in.</smallfont></td>
    	<td bgcolor="{secondaltcolor}"><normalfont>
    		<input type="radio" name="emailnotification" value="yes" $emailnotificationchecked> yes
    		<input type="radio" name="emailnotification" value="no" $emailnotificationnotchecked> no


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      Thanks... it worked great!


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        No problem.


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