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index.php take for ever to load

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  • index.php take for ever to load

    Hi my first page index.php takes for ever to load. I hacked my forum but then i replaced all the files to ckeck if that had any effect on it, still had the same problem. My background image loads quicker than the first page.

    I runing the forum on a dedicated server with

    Pentuim 4

    2 Gigs
    1.5 ram
    2 80 Gigs hard drives
    php 4.22
    mysql 4.012
    This is my forum

    Any ideas how i can fix this problem

    Rest of the forum runs perfect just the first page

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    The only problem that I had on your front page was caching over 100K of images. On a 56K modem that would be 20-30 seconds of download not counting the actual HTML.

    On my DSL it took about 8 seconds to load. Not the fastest site but certainly not the slowest either.
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      I took the image out to test it. Still it takes a while to load.


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        Same as Wayne, about 10 secs to load the main page.
        I see JS all over the place....that's bad.
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          You could set mysql to log slow queries and see where it goes wrong maybe.

          You could also check your 'top' and other 'daemon behaviour notification-like tools' to see what gets loaded and why.

          Some servers I administer had these problems and it turned out that the hard drives just couldn't handle the stress due to 200+ users online. Some others it turned out that the raw access log required priority over everything, for some reason that slowed things down to.

          Ofcourse, having mucho javascript and preloading images and other stuff, doesn't help either.

          Since you use mysql 4, make sure caching is turned on.

          Turn on debug in config.php of vBulletin and check with &explain=1 in the URI to what actually happens.

          it seems like the page actually loads very quick, but then it takes time to render everything PRE before it gives a visual on the table. Maybe you need to check your table nesting or make more closing tables rather then new cells. Since IE tends to render everything inside a table, before it shows it.
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