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WYSIWYG Editor for modifying templates?

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  • WYSIWYG Editor for modifying templates?

    Hi - 2 questions:

    1) What do people recommend as a WYSIWYG editor so I can modify templates in v. 2.3.0? (I'm still very much an html novice)

    2) How can I change the graphic elements or create new ones? Do I need to have Photoshop ($$$$$) or are there ($) solutions that will do the trick?

    As long as I have your attention,

    3) What are the "Close Current Tag" and "Close All Tags" buttons up above the message editor?

    4) How do I turn on the Thread Subscription options? (Or is this a v. 3.0 option)?

    5) Soes anyone know when v. 3.0 will become available?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    - Lawrence F.

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    1) There isn't an editor you can directly use with vbulletin, but Dreamweaver might help you make your own templates.

    2) Do you want to make your own graphics? or are you just looking for how to change the current graphics to something that you already have?

    3) if you open a tag like [ b] close tag will add the ending to it (which would be [/ b].

    4) Unless you disabled them, you can click on 'subscribe to this thread' at the top of any thread and you'll be allset.

    5) No one knows yet, probobly in 3-4 months

    NXSupport Admin


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      1) Can I paste the html code into Dreamweaver and toggle between WYSIWYG and code to see immediately the impact of my changes? Or can I manipulate objects (like in Front Page) in an easier-to-use GUI that will generate the necessary code for me to copy back into vBulletin? How does this work? (I built Front Page sites without ever having to know html.)

      2) For example, I want to replace the vBulletin logo at the upper left of the hope page with my own text in my own font. I don't have the graphic already made - I would need to create it then, I guess, replace the vBulletin graphic with my graphic - THEN figure out how to get it to appear in the right place (again, in Front Page, you just stick it there and it generates the necessary html code, but I don't know how to do this here)



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        I don't know any of the answers except about your graphics!

        I created new ones in photoshop and saved as gifs (having saved existing ones first under new names eg. newthreadOLD.gif and new one as newthread.gif).

        Then simply uploaded my new graphics with the same name as the old ones. You can use any software that gives you option to save as Gif eg corel, jasc photoshop etc...


        BTW not sure you'd need to paste html code into dreamweaver - you should just be able to open your PHP files and display code to amend - if only I knew what I was talking about though!


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